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Since 2010, Joshua’s Wish, Inc. has donated over $230,000 for pediatric brain tumor research. We've also donated over $40,000 to families we support that are impacted by childhood cancer. Each year, we have funded various research efforts that have impacted thousands of children and families nationwide, served over 300 children fighting childhood cancer and their families, and spread more awareness of childhood cancer to people all around. Joshua's legacy lives on in all our efforts in finding a cure for childhood cancer. Too many young and innocent lives are lost to the silent but deadly assailant known as childhood cancer. As a result, Joshua's Wish works each and everyday to make a difference in the lives of our childhood cancer warriors and their families. Here are a few testimonies from people that have been deeply impacted by our work:

"An organization that is making a huge impact on the world of childhood cancer. Trent and Labrina are like family!"
Valeria Jackson, mother of Childhood Cancer Survivor Devan Jackson 

"Joshua Wish has been a little escape from the world of childhood cancer. There are no words to express what it means  to get together for a movie and fellowship with other childhood cancer families. Pizza and a movie may seem so simple but connections made in these events last a lifetime. We are honored to be apart of their family - even if it is by way of the worst thing a parent can imagine. "

Nicole & Michael

"I am excited to say that during a difficult time in our lives, I was able to meet someone special, Mrs. Labrina Solomon, founder of Joshua’s Wish Foundation.

During our hospital stays, Mrs. Labrina would come visit us. She always brought lunch and a toy for Keason. Her presence brought comfort and understanding to my heart. Joshua’s Wish Foundation also made Christmas a joyous event.

During Christmas, every family received lunch/dinner, toys for every child in the immediate family, and financial assistance.  I am very thankful for this foundation and a special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Trent Solomon for keeping Joshua’s legacy alive."

Tiffany Milton, Mother of Keason 

"At the time of diagnosis, steroids are often the first treatment offered to patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG)."

Making the Wish for a Cure a Reality

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